Feel Supported Kit

A Course on Support Systems for Gen - Y Entrepreneurs | taught by Amanda Rivera

Course description

If you're struggling with finding a mentor...
If you're feeling lonely in your business...
If you wish you could surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who "get" and "understand" you...

Then I want to welcome you to the feel supported kit :)

The reason behind this kit.... The REAL reason why I decided to research, stalk some experts on the topic, and get super involved in ways to handle this topic in a loving and supportive way, stems from my own personal battles with support systems.

About a year ago, I got inspired by this idea to host a Millennial Thought Leaders Conference. An epic opportunity to highlight all the amazing and brilliant millennials out there. We’d come together in one venue and create a space for massive change in the world.

This juicy idea gave me the courage to reach out to some big names with this tweet:

"I want to start a Millennial Thought Leaders Conference. Thoughts?"

I got a huge influx of positive and eager responses. Within 48 hours I got Jake Ducey and Millennial Magazine to agree to co-sponsor the event and help out in any way they can.

As this idea grew, and more and more people started agreeing to be involved. Upper limit syndrome hit BIG time!

I was getting so much more attention than I was used to and I really thought this was my big break!

It wasn't until I shared this with one of my closest friends at the time the bubble got popped internally.

She started treating me differently.
Our conversations were awkward.
And I heard less and less from her.

I felt so alone.

This totally warped my relationship with the conference, because my main entrepreneurial support system (this one girl) was avoiding me. And with the speed and magnitude of how things were moving, I desperately needed friends who understood where I was coming from and who I could confide in.

And at the time, it was looking like I might lose my friendships over this conference.

I felt way out of my element and that I was playing in a level that I wasn't ready for. Looking back now, if I had the self-confidence and the right people around me, that conference could have sparked my big career.

I dropped an opportunity to move forward with this idea because I didn't have a strong support system.

  • I said no to a potential half a million in sponsorships
  • I said no to collaborating with large media influencers
  • I said no to taking the next big leap in my business

Because I was afraid I would lose my friends.

After this happened in my life, I took a pause and did ALOT of inner work!

Through working on my self-confidence, detoxing my current support system, and finding the tribe I was called to be a part of, I gained:

  • A support system filled with positive and nurturing fellow millennial entrepreneurs that have been featured in Forbes, Vice Magazine, Huffington Post, written books for HayHouse, and have made massive impacts not only in their own lives but on the planet (I've cried with these friends, done masterminds with them, and whenever I need a helping hand --and vice versa we are ALWAYS there for each other! Being around these cool peeps has elevated my mindset and my business BEYOND anything I could have done on my own!)
  • I was able to reach out to Shannon Kaiser, author of Adventures for Your Soul & Find Your Happy and convince her to be my mentor (she actually inspired me to start the Inner Freedom Kits series you see here!)
  • And through building up my self-confidence and inner courage I was able to go from broke (and near homeless!) in San Francisco to finding a cheap rent and great job opportunity within 7 days of implementing this strategy in one of the nations most expensive places to live (mindset, baby!)

When you take this course I'll help teach you:

  • Exactly what I did to build a strong internal support system in myself so I'd have the confidence and self-worth to stay strong in my truth
  • How to tactfully handle toxic relationships without a huge blowout
  • How to reach out to mentors and high-level influencers through social media (and INSPIRE THEM to connect with you!)
  • How to set proper boundaries and standards (to help you starve off loneliness and get respect)
  • I'll show you how to build up your support system while you're traversing this entrepreneurial journey so you have the right team to meet the big opportunities in your life without the fear of losing it all

What you'll get:

  • 3 Video Power Modules (Get the slides and audio versions of the modules too!)
  • 3 Power Workbooks filled with exercises, scripts, and done for you systems
  • A powerful 55-min recorded interview with Millennial Coach, Author, and Public Speaker, Hailey Yatros. Hailey has been featured in Vice Magazine, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, Millennial Magazine, HayHouse Radio, and many more. In her interview, she'll help you find yourself, your truth, and become the person who attracts big opportunities and a strong support system
  • You'll also get exclusive access to the private FB group, where you can connect with like-minded and supportive peers in a collaborative environment


And I want to share with you how you'll change lives by starting with you:


While this is a new course I do have some awesome testimonials from my coaching clients to help you get a feel for the quality of the material you'll be receiving:

“You are absolutely AMAZING. These notes, are awesome, and you are awesome. I was curious what this session would bring, but I had NO idea how much I would learn from you. I thought I had it somewhat figured out, but you gave me new perspectives I never thought of.
And girl – I had no idea you were 25! You are going to go some amazing places (you already have!) Seriously, you spoke with a wisdom that is way beyond your years – I still (and always have thought) age is a number, but, your enthusiasm and natural talent to see through the hazy fog is a gift. Truly.” – Kelly L, Wedding & Family Photographer

"Amanda has a rare talent of connecting with people in such a way so that they open up and discuss how they are really feeling. She is amazing at helping people identify blockers in their life and providing guidance on how to improve almost any situation. I was able to hear myself talking about how I was feeling, instead of just silently debating it all in my head." –Kyle M, Marketing & PR at a Y-Combinator Backed Start-up & Huffpost Blogger

Working with Amanda helped grow the spark inside of me that was shrinking away due to fear. She operates from such a loving place when speaking with clients, yet is so relatable and easy to talk to at the same time.

Her passion for what she does is so infectious and she helped me realize that I need to operate from a loving place, rather than fear. Her angel card reading was spot on for the place that I’m at in my life right now, and it was so helpful to hear that she’s been in similar situations and come out of them way better off than she could have ever imagined. She also inspired me to purchase my first ever Angel Card Oracle deck and get more in tune with my guides! I did my first reading for myself last night and I’m hooked!

I know that the knowledge that she gave me will help me as I begin this new chapter in my life. I am so grateful for her support, and I hope that I’ve gained a new, likeminded friend from this experience! If you’re looking for a coach who is sassy, down to Earth, knowledgeable, passionate and loving, then look no further! Amanda is the coach for you! .” –Courtney M, Holistic Health Coach


Amanda Rivera
Amanda Rivera
Fear Management Business Mentor

Amanda helps purpose-driven gen-y entrepreneurs break free and live their vision through transforming their mindset, handling their fears, and strengthening their courage in their life and business

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Feel Supported Kit FREE
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Module 1: Becoming Confident + Magnetic
The 5-step process for claiming your worth, identifying your unique power, and becoming magnetic in your life and business FREE
Becoming Confident Workbook FREE
Slides + Audio + Video Downloads FREE
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Module 2: Support System Detox
How to state your boundaries, transform your current partnerships, and tactfully release toxic relationships from your life
Support System Detox Workbook
Slide + Audio + Video Downloads
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Module 3: Finding Your Tribe
The 5-step process to attract and surround yourself with mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs you can grow with
Finding Your Tribe Workbook
Slides + Audio + Video Downloads
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Video Interrogation with Hailey Yatros
Featuring Millennial Coach, Author, and Public Speaker...Hailey Yatros: "How to Authentically Become a Thought Leader Who Attracts Big Opportunities & Great Mentors (Irregardless of Age!)"
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Invitation to Private Facebook Group
Join the FB Group
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Interview with Nathan Pierce of Microbrewr.com: "How to Find Your Next Accountability Partner"
The Members of My Support System
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